Friday, June 22, 2012

Tracing Our Steps: Brooklyn Bipods and the Canine Wonder

The alarm rings at 6:00am in our house, but the real wake-up call typically comes a bit earlier... in the form of dog slobber.  Until Blue crashed the scene, I hadn't woken up that early on a consistent basis since high school.  It's been an adjustment, to say the least.  In time, Maura and I embraced the new schedule, using the morning walks to see Brooklyn in a new, uncluttered light.  Part of the fun rests in finding a new route to take each day.  This is my attempt to document our paths through the city, retracing our routes and highlighting observations along the way.

Today--as many days have--led us to DUMBO, where we caught a glimpse of Jane's Carousel, an advertisement for the brand new "Flea Food" (occurring on Thursdays and Fridays throughout the summer), and the demolition of the former home of the Brooklyn Eagle.  Walk with us, y'all.

Start time: 6:30am
Duration: 45 minutes
Distance: 1.98 miles
Neighborhoods: DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights

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Jane's Carousel @ Brooklyn Bridge Park


Advertisement for "Flea Food"

Beneath the BQE in DUMBO

Former home of the Brooklyn Eagle

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