Monday, June 25, 2012

Long Time Coming: Pop Up Chapel Proposal (2011)

And now for a post that's a little bit late... last summer, The Knot and Architizer sponsored a whirlwind competition to design and build two "pop up chapels" at Columbus Circle to celebrate the passage of New York's marriage equality law.  From the event website:

The Pop Up Chapel was conceived by a group of friends, tipsily celebrating the fantastic news that all New Yorkers are finally able to enjoy marriage equality. The friends, a motley crew consisting of a software developer, an editor, two writers, and a director (who happens to be a legal wedding officiant), decided that they wanted to do something special to commemorate the triumphant news. In their excitement and mild delirium, they decided to provide a beautiful wedding for anyone who wanted to get married, totally free of charge. They figured "people might want to get married at City Hall, but wouldn't they prefer to get married in a beautiful city park? Especially if they could bring all their friends and family and eat free cupcakes? Who doesn't love cupcakes? And same-sex marriages?" Exactly.

If I recall correctly, the competition lasted less than two weeks, and when the two winners were chosen, they had one week to build their designs.  Yikes!  Maura and I took a stab an an entry, and while our design was not selected, we found the process enormously fun and inspiring.  The winning chapels were built, and each hosted 12 weddings last July 30.  Photos of the big day can be seen here.

Our entry boards follow a brief description of our design proposal:

Over the course of the day, couples would attach colored rings to the structure of the chapel after their ceremonies to mark this groundbreaking moment. If so moved, the couples and guests could use the rings to contribute good wishes, love notes or signatures to the constantly evolving chapel. The structure is composed of faceted triangles, as well as symbols of pride, equality and marriage. Materials are readily available, off-the-shelf products.

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