Friday, May 10, 2013

Love and Respect to the End: MCA Gets a Park in Brooklyn

Last Friday, a day before the first anniversary of the passing of Adam Yauch, Brooklyn officially renamed Palmetto Playground in his honor. The raspiest, most meditative Beastie Boy grew up nearby and learned to ride a bike in this park. Nestled against the BQE near the western end of Atlantic Avenue, the park features basketball courts, play equipment, a dog run and a community garden. I took a stroll through the reborn park on Saturday...

Fans had already seized the opportunity to pay tribute and express their gratitude in their own way, decorating the pavement and planter walls with lyrics, thank-you notes and personal anecdotes.

A fan named Emma left the most stirring note:

If you would like to support the park, please consider making a donation to NYC Parks in MCA's honor.

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