Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finding (the Logic in Giving Every Snowfall a Name Like) Nemo

Walking path at Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park
Thankfully, Winter Storm Nemo passed through Brooklyn relatively peacefully on Friday night, leaving behind only a nice blanket of snow and an inordinate amount of salt on the city sidewalks. Brooklynites have been spending the rest of the weekend turning the borough into a playground. A glimpse at our neck of the woods over the last couple of days:

Concealed creek bed in the park
A few enterprising spirits brought cross-country skiing to Pier 1 yesterday.
More adventurous were the sledders who took to the granite steps, navigating their way under the railing halfway down.
Evidence of the new sled run on the granite steps
Snowman in progress within the Tobacco Warehouse
Commingling of canines and sledders at the Hillside Dog Run
Sidewalk grates on Fulton Mall
Cadman Plaza facing South
A common sight throughout Brooklyn: snow-drifted cars as snowballing ammunition supply

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