Sunday, January 6, 2013

Revisiting Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5

Pier 5 Soccer Fields (looking west)

Other than a long-distance shot pre-Sandy, I haven't posted any photo updates on Pier 5 since the construction site tour. The Pier has now been open for a few weeks, and yesterday we took our first look up close. More glimpses of the new pier (the third of six) follow, taken on a chilly, but sunny, Saturday afternoon.

Maura and Blue, enjoying a stroll on the south promenade

Picnic Peninsula, looking south to the pier
A few of the 25 grills dotted throughout the picnic area. January seems like a good time to stake your claim!
Detail of a timber picnic table, made from Longleaf Yellow Pine, salvaged from Pier 1.
Prefabricated concession stand, also featuring reclaimed pine and a green roof. No word yet on a vendor.

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