Monday, October 29, 2012

The Calm Before...

Sandy has yet to hit NY, but the tide is already as high as during the worst part of Irene last year. Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn is flooded at the south end, and Valentino Pier is supposedly underwater. Meanwhile, Brooklyn Bridge Park is submerged farther than I've ever seen it. Maura and I took Blue for what might be her last walk for awhile, surveying the scene from the Promenade.

The wetlands at Pier 1 are nearly completely submerged.

The timber piles at Pier 2 are no longer visible.

Also at Pier 2, the Tidal Pool has nearly reached capacity.

Newly-installed and newly-threatened: the synthetic playing fields at Pier 5. 
Many Brooklynites took to the Promenade this morning.
Maura and Blue

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