Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Under the (Art) Bridge: Public Art and "Public" Art

For awhile now, a temporary sidewalk bridge in DUMBO has hosted a public art installation: ChromaTweet, by Aleksandar Maćašev, which renders the artist's daily emotions in single colors over the course of three years and counting (it might go without saying that it is also a daily tweet). I find the digital, time-based form of this project extremely compelling, and some of the offshoots are quite beautiful. The banner in DUMBO, however, feels flat and uninspiring--reading more like an advertisement printed for the latest mixed use development.  What's more interesting to me is the ad hoc gallery ("graffiti" seems like an imprecise term) that has sprung up underneath the bridge. Here's a sampling, from Talib Kweli to Aliens to Happy Faces...

View of Art Bridge looking west down Water Street

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