Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brooklyn Bridge Park Brings the Noise

Much to report from our Naval-gazing stomping grounds last weekend.  Vegetation sprouting!  Photoville ending!  Pavement blistering!  A pool... idling?  No!

Brooklyn Bridge Park was in full effect, even if its effect is not yet full.  As you may know, only two piers are complete (of 6 in the works).  Pier 1--directly south of Fulton Landing--is home to one of my favorite spaces in the city (more in the future), as well as a rotating calendar of events, including live music, kite flying and outdoor movies (beginning tomorrow).  At the south end of the park, Pier 6--with playgrounds, sand volleyball and rooftop hot dogs--marks the western end of Atlantic Avenue.  In between is mostly construction, though a couple of nice surprises popped up recently.  Maura and I finally checked out Photoville with a friend, never mind that it was one of the hottest days of the summer.  The shipping containers formed a village of exhibitions featuring everything from portraits of unassuming Mainers with compelling stories to a container-scale camera obscura.  Those fatigued by the sweat lodge of the camera obscura exhibit, which projected an upside-down image of the skyline onto a screen in a pitch-black room, could find solace beneath the tents in the food court.  The central court featured a number of visiting food trucks, which featured empanadas, kimchi tacos and Cool Haus ice cream sandwiches (guess which one was started by frustrated architects).

Just north of Photoville, we stopped to check on the "temporary" pool, which has yet to open.  The pool features more shipping containers, some of which serve as bath houses.  It seemed to spring up in a matter of days, and I noticed today that the area to the north has been filled with sand (more volleyball?), and there looks to be a playground or water park coming next.  Supposedly the pool will stand for 5 years until the spot gets a permanent tenant.

Stay tuned for more from our closest and dearest, sparkliest, parkliest park.

New temporary pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Food Court @ Photoville (we enjoyed Kimchi Tacos)

Finding refuge in Photoville


Tidal Pool, South of Pier 1

At the Forbidden Pool

Sneak Peek from the Mystery Pool

Pier 1 marshlands

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