Friday, September 3, 2010

Walking with Haussmann's Ghost (or Urban Space Analysis 002: Parc Citroën vs. Parc de la Villette)

Comparative Analysis of two modern Parisian parks.  Site plans reproduced from park literature.  Sketches and photos are mine.

Paris (Satellite Photo via Google Maps)
Initial Documentation
Ordering Systems
Crossing Paths/Vertical Connectors
Integration of Urban Context

And as a little carrot... evidently you've gotta get up to get down.  One of the many reasons I love Parc Citroën:

Parc Citroën Cross Section

UPDATE: Apparently the editors at Project for Public Spaces (PPS) don't know a good thing when it smacks them in the face.  Thankfully the readers dropped the knowledge in the comments section.

Completed in the Spring of 2005 for the SARUP Florence-Paris program with Professor Kyle Talbott.

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